Releases Galore

Its been a busy month so far in September with a series of significant releases. The highest profile release is probably Aerosoft's Heathrow Xtended. Its certainly a beast but surprisingly performs quite well.

Just Flight have released a 'what if' livery pack for their DC-8 50-70 series, and this is free to anyone who purchases the DC-8 until the end of September.

On the home front Jon has released the new Air Calin livery for both the Blackbox and CLS A330's. A note on the CLS versions, you need to ensure you download the correct version for the model you have. Its either V1 or V2, if you get it wrong the textures for the fuselage wont show up.

Just Flight DC-8 50-70 Series

Just Flight have released the 50-70 series DC-8 which adds 7 new models from the 53 through to the 73 and the NAVY EC-24A for good measure. Its a lovely bird and kiwis will be pleased to know it includes the last Air New Zealand livery to be seen on these birds before they ceased passenger services and were converted to freighters.

If this classic 4 holer is your cup of tea you will want to check this out now on the Just Flight website here. You can find an extensive collection of screenshots of the VC and externals in our Facebook group page here, as always you need to join to view these.

Also a final reminder that our EUROWINNER competition closes this Friday. Get your entries in now for your chance to win 3 awesome Aerosoft scenery titles for FSX or P3Dv2.

WIN Europe in August

This month we are giving you the chance to WIN download copies of Aerosoft products - Bergen X, Mega Airport Berlin and Mega Airport Lisbon. Heres how to enter:

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. The name and airport code of ONE of the airports up for grabs.
  2. Tell me why eurowinner in 50 words or less - ('you're a winner - eurowinner).
  3. Your Name.

All entries go into the hat (as long as you get question 1 right and supply the other two bits of information) and we will draw the winners name at 6pm August 29th.

T's and C's:

  • One entry per person
  • Entries close at 5:30pm (New Zealand time) on Friday August 29th.
  • Prizes are for download copies and cannot be exchanged for cash, or other products.
New Releases

This past week has seen some wonderful new FSX / P3D add-ons released along with a new PMDG 777-300ER repaint by Jon.

Aerosoft released Bergen X a few days ago. This is a stunning scenery with lavish attention to detail and some wonderful modelling. Right on its heels came Skysofts Lijiang Sanyi. Both sceneries are wonderful examples of what talented developers can deliver these day. Both feature outlandish attention to detail and visuals but maintain excellent performance in sim.

Following his recent 'Smiling China' repaint for the PMDG 777-300ER Jon has release a fictional repaint featuring Air Asia X's new A330 livery 'Xcintillating Phoenix', which we think you will agree looks amazing on the 773.

PMDG 777 SP1 & 300ER Expansion

PMDG have released Service Pack 1 for their 777-200LR/F add-on along with the 300ER expansion. The list of fixes and additions is extensiove, click here to go to the PMDG website for all the details.

FTX Open Landclass and Ayers Rock Released

The highly anticiapted FTX: Global openLC Europe has been released today. Covering 10,000,000 sq. km's with customer textures and class files to transform Europe. You can find out more here.

In a surprise release Aerosoft have released FSDG's Ayers Rock scenery. It covers Connellan airport and surrounds as well as the famous landmark itself. Full details can be found here.

Updates Galore

As we rapidly approach the middle of July we thought it was time for another update. As you may have noticed most of our 'news' now comes in the form of banners being added. This is mostly a time thing but obviously we will throw in an occasional update here on the news feed as well. So, if we don't appear to be doing much don't worry, it usually means we are busy in the background doing repaints etc.

First dont forget our Santos Dumont Airport competition that closes on the 16th, Join our Facebook group and enter to win one of 2 copies of this great scenery.

There have been a few significant releases in the past few weeks. The first was ORBYX’s Jacksons International in Papua New Guinea. This is not a single airport but a series of grass strips that climb the fabled Kokoda trail. This is bush flying heaven but be warned, some of the ‘runways’ would better be described as areas in the bush that just happen not to have trees. FTX Global is a must as this package is designed for it.

Captain Sim have released their 777 Captain product in a version specifically for Prepar3D. It looks good and performs well so if you have P3D and are considering a heavy for the sim, give this a look. Their L-1011 has also been released for P3D and in the last 24 hours they unveiled the L-1011 Freighter. This uses the base pack so can be installed in either FSX or P3D.

Jetstream Design have released their latest, Metz-Nancy Lorraine. This small regional airport has been done particularly well and features seasonal textures, a photo real base and excellent performance. We were suitably impressed with their last release, Little Rock Arkansas to make getting this a no brainer. We weren’t disappointed.

FS Dreamteam released their latest offering this time being George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. As you could expect it’s a very well made add-on but suffers a rather obvious issue with ground polygon joins in one area of the airport. Personally we didn’t think this was a huge issue as the overall scenery has been done with FS Dreamteam’s usual eye for quality. You can check out the scenery HERE. As always  you can freely download the scenery and try before you buy to see how it performs on your PC.

Flight Simulator Platform Solutions has released a utility called FSX Fiber Accelerator. Initially we were very sceptical of its claims to be able to improve FSX performance by real time tweaking. However, after getting the demo and giving it a go we ended up buying it. The results while not 100% conclusive showed a 5-7 FPS increase at some heavy density airports and a noticeable smoothing in FSX. While this won’t address performance issues across the board we were sufficiently impressed to want to explore this further. A free demo is available for you to try 5 times at 5 minutes each time. It’s worth a look but just remember results vary. You can download the demo HERE. We have posted a few videos on our Facebook group page if you are interested in seeing what we managed to achieve.

Finally we wanted to bring your attention to a new Flightsim Blog called Pacific Flightsim News. Put together by DeeKnow it features News, reviews and information all aimed at Flightsimmers across the pacific. Go check it out HERE.

July Competition

Its been a busy time since we last updated this news page. Jon has released heaps of repaints for a range of aircraft with the latest being for the Aerosoft A320 Extended. This month on the ARNZX Facebook Group page, found here, we have 2 copies of TropicalSims amazing Santos Dumont airport in the heart of Rio De Janeiro. For full details join the group page.

Ninoy Aquino Int Released

Pacific Island Simulations have released there latets and potentially greatest scenery to date for both FSX and P3Dv2 - Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This scenery not only provides high levels of detail at the airport itself but it then sprawls across the city of Manilla as well. Jon is a member of the PacSim BETA team so captured this footage during the final phase of beta testing. Performance in sim is king and this scenery wont disappoint, either visually or with a great FPS count.

CLS Releases the 747-200 HD

Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) have released their v1.5 upgrade for the 747-200. Sporting HD external textures, a 'lite' FMC and various other improvements this long awaited update is now half price if you bought it from Just Flight. Jon has completed a walk around and VC tour video which you can view below along with his first repaint depicting the Pacific Wave livery. Note the registration is ZK-SUH. This was never worn by a 742 in the Air NZ fleet. It has been selected for this repaint in honour of what will be the last 744 to depart the fleet in October this year, which has the rego ZK-SUH.

MDesign Moscow Domodedovo Airport

A new design team called MDesign has released Moscow Domodedovo Airport for both FSX and P3Dv2. Its actually a great scenery with excellent detail, lots of animated airside traffic and excellent night lighting. Sitting on a photoreal base the scenery extends beyond the airport for a reasnoble distance. Topping this off it performs very well. You can find screenshots in our ARNZX Facebook group page HERE (you will need to join to see them) and Jon has completed this video which gives you a good look around the airport in the early morning, daytime summer and then daytime winter.

KDEN Released

The latest from the house of Flightbeam, KDEN, was released yesterday. Night screenshots can be viewed on the ARNZX Group page HERE (This is a closed group so you will need to join sorry). Its nothing short of spectacular with performance being one of the key highlights. We have done a walk around video of the airport during the day for those interested.

Facebook: The End of an Era.

Hi. We just wanted to alert you all to the fact that we have decided to close down and delete the Aircraft Repaints New Zealand Facebook page. In the last few days it has become increasingly frustrating to get relevant news from around the various developers, who also use Facebook, and then share that with page followers.

Our Facebook page was always dual purpose. First it was a way to share what we are up too and provide support. Second, it was to bring news, views and reviews of new products to the community. Sadly we no longer feel Facebook provides the ability to do this. To us it looks liike Facebook is moving more and more towards a user pays system, and quite simply we wont pay for you to see freely available news, all be it pulled together in a page.

As of May 12th our Facebook page will be no more. We are currently starting the process of transferring reviews to this site, and will now focus on our more informal ARNZ Group page HERE. We would love to see you.

A big thanks to the 760 'likers' on our page, we have loved every minute sharing what we have with you through Facebook. We are very sad to say goodbye but feel its the right thing to do.

Night Environment

Aerosoft are releasing a new series of add-ons called Night Environemnt. SO far they have covered Germany, the British Isles and now Dubai. We took a look at Dubai and you can read our mini review and screenshots on our Wordpress page HERE. We thought we would put together a video as well because this is one add-on that you really need to see. Something well worth looking out for when it comes to a country near you.

New Releases

Its been a busy few weeks with several new sceneries coming out, notably the highly anticipated Mega Airport Berlin by 29Palms and Limesim released under the Aerosoft banner (You can see our screenshot spread for this on our Wordpress page HERE). We have seen an update of the Captainsim L-1011 that now includes the INS and several other improvements (Screenshots), and Shanghai Airport by Imaginesim (Screenshots HERE). Jon has also been busy completing the fictional QANTAS Planes repaint for the PMDG 747-400X, which you can download now.

We have attached a 'walkaround' video we have done for Berlin. It mostly covers the new part of the airport.


First 2 BBS A321 Repaints Released

With the release of the .80 update for the BlackBox A320 Extreme package and their inclusion of the A321, we have released 2 repaints depicting Jetstar and American Airlines. These are available now.

New Releases Abound

Its been a few weeks snce we last posted news and their have been several new releases in that time.

The first was just a few hours ago with Carenado releasing their highly anticipated Phenom 100 for both FSX and P3Dv2. Our initial thoughts are this is one cool looking aircraft, you can view our screenshots HERE and we will be posting some video logs soon as well.

Aerosoft released Mega Airport Dublin a week or so ago also for both FSX and P3DV2. While a number of people are reporting significant performance issues so far we have found this highly detailed rendition of Dublin to be ok. Screenshots can be found HERE as well as a short video below of our exploits in the A1R YAK 50, which is a nice seque into our next news story, the A1R YAK 50 :).


A1R is a new player in the market and their first effort is a goodie. Screenshots can be found HERE, if you like aerobatics then this could well be one to look at.

Release Updates

We cover three new releases today.

ORBX Redding Municipal is the first airport for Northern California. This impressive scenery is by Jarred Marshall and we have an extensive spread of screenshots here. If you look on the main Facebook page you will also find a video.

Alabeo have released their Classic Cessna C195. This sleek bird has also been given the screenshot treatment here, we are sure you wont be disappointed with how she looks. We have also relesed a short VC tour taken in P3Dv2.

Finally Taxi2Gate have released Ataturk Airport in Turkey. T2G are becoming a real forc in FSX scenery design and this airport delivers both in looks and performance. Once again screenshots can be found here and we also have an approach and landing video on the page as well.

Happy flying everyone.

Just Flight Canberra PR9

Just Flight have released their Canberra PR9 for FSX and P3Dv2. 

"This first-generation light bomber was manufactured in large numbers during the 1950s and set a number of speed and altitude records. Its adaptability meant that the aircraft also served in tactical bombing and photographic and electronic reconnaissance roles in conflicts on several continents. This Canberra PR9 (Photo-Reconnaissance) variant is modelled in exceptional detail and features a true 3D cockpit with fully functional custom-coded fuel, electrical, fire detection and hydraulics systems."

ORBX Northern California Released

ORBX's latest region covers 300,000 sq km's of Northern California. Its an immense area and in our view is one of the best, if not the best region ORBX have released to date.

P3D V2.1 Released

Lockheed Martin have released their first service pack for Prepar 3D taking the title to 2.1. The extensive list of fixes can be read here. A patch or updated full install can be downloaded through your account page.

Captain Sim L-1011 Captain Released

Captain Sim have released the VC for their L-1011 Tristar. It looks pretty good and from early reports flys very well with a high degree of functionality. We have put together a tour of the VC in this video.

Aerosoft Releases two new sceneries

2014 is off to a great start with the release of two new sceneries from Aerosoft for FSX/P3Dv2. The first is Bergamo X, a small airport in northern Italy handling around 4.5 million passengers a year. 

The second is the small Greek airport of Thessaloniki X. To be blunt if you don't own the scenery yet you are missing out in a big way. It has established yet a new benchmark in scenery design and we have be incredibly impressed with it both visually but also in performance.

First Captainsim 707 Repaints

Our first foray into repaints for the Captainsim 707 have been completed and uploaded. Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea and operated several 707's during the 70's and 80's. We have re-produced three of them for your flying pleasure.

Carenado Releases B1900D

Carenados recently released B1900D is already being touted as their best product to date, and we tend to agree.

While an Air NZ link repaint has been released by Carenado we found it was innacurate so we have been busy completing three repaints for this model, see below.  You will find these under our repaint menu above and you can check out the Carenado B1900D product page here.


787-9 Arrives in New Zealand

We were fortunate enough to see the arrival of the Boeing 787-9 into NZAA last night. While the light had become very dull, it didnt arrive until close to 9pm local time, our on the spot 'reporter' Jon was able to capture a few shots. You can see them on our Wordpress page here.